Blair's costumes are out!

2017-03-18 20:37:52 by wandfully


What you guys think? The costume that wins the poll in our Patreon will be the one in her upcoming game. So, if you'd love to see one of them, go here:

We just reached $250 on Patreon! Here's new artwork to celebrate!

2017-03-13 22:00:55 by wandfully

There's a shorts-less version (fully bottomless Paige) on


Patreon Reward Tiers REVAMPED!

2017-03-09 02:27:13 by wandfully

ALL of our Reward Tiers at our Patreon page have been REVAMPED! Come check it out!


Blair wins at the poll!

2017-03-07 23:16:56 by wandfully

Blair's episode is the next to be released!


Uncensored version at our Patreon.

LewdGamer wrote a piece about us! Check it out (NSFW):

Here's what's next!

2017-03-03 00:53:57 by wandfully

Hi everyone! Thank you for the amazing support! You guys are awesome! :]

Here's our plan for following up on A Day With Paige!

We are going to release four ideas for mini-episodes to be delivered in the very near future. Each episode will follow one of the main girls and expand their personalities and the piece of the world they live in. Also, they are going to be way more focused on the "adult" aspect than the teaser. I don't want to spoil too much, but let's say the tamest of them is going to have at least 50% of fap-jill-material.

Make sure to visit us at for more details and to participate in deciding which of the four minisodes gets made first!

And here they are!